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 Gas heater unit code 840

Gas heater unit code 840

Workshop heater code 910

Workshop heater code 910

Cellulose Cooler Code GL 175

Cellulose Cooler Code GL 175

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No home is perfect without a home heating system! A variety of building cooling and heating systems, from heaters to the latest building heating systems and luxury heating appliances in residential and commercial homes are all installed for the purpose of air conditioning, hot water. Today, home and commercial heating systems are merely heaters and fireplaces. With the onset of the cold season, it becomes more important than ever to be familiar with the types of home heating systems and to choose the best heating for your home. Garmsal Company has produced various heating systems with high quality and provided them to dear customers. The heaters are designed in different sizes and heating levels for different uses and various spaces with desirable qualities.

Garmsal water cooler is designed and made in such a way that it creates the necessary humidity in hot and dry air and gives you a pleasant air. Due to the integration of the impeller and its balancing by fully automatic devices, it prevents the impeller from vibrating and sound during operation, thus the life of bearings and coolers is very long. For better airflow and water evaporation, the straws are spread with the same thickness on all surfaces and are sewn with automatic devices; therefore, it prevents dust from entering the room and gives you cool and pleasant air. Garmsal Company has designed and manufactured plastic straw holders, which in addition to ease of installation, have eliminated the possible risks of injury to the service worker. The body and metal parts of Absal coolers are made of galvanized sheet and covered with a thick layer of powder paint, so it is very resistant to rust and has a very beautiful, durable, and long life.

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